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Jessica DeMumbrum

Caregiver of 7 years & United States Marine Corps

The Story

I was a caregiver for many years and watched as people struggled to feed themselves. When people can feed themselves they will eat more. This handle is an ergonomic design to be easily held without falling from a persons hand. It is for the elderly, handicapped, and recuperative care.

The Invention

DeMumbrum_WebAssets_Fg 9.png
DeMumbrum_WebAssets_Fig 10.png

A unique handle that is ergonomic in the way it relieves turning of the wrist.

A unique handle that fits naturally into a persons at the rest position

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[ Prototype ]


Here are a few benefits of this unique product.


Natural Fit In Hand


Great for Weak/Disabled Hands


Daily Life Improvement



Client Testimonial

Client Testimonail Transcript [Helen] Hello. Jessica was kind enough to let me try these out. And I have arthritis in my thumbs and my fingers and it’s very difficult sometimes for me to hold regular utensils. So, these have hand grips that I can actually grip it like you would a handlebar on a bicycle or something. And the utensil extends out from it. And I’ll tell you what! I used the fork first for my salad and I found it much easier actually to eat the salad with this, this than my regular fork. So, I was very pleased with that. And the spoon of course is very good, and it worked fine for my soup and my apple sauce. So, I’m very pleased that Jessica is creating these products for people who have weak hands or disabilities with their hands. And the hand grip that she’s decided fits our hands so well. I hope she develops these, and they go to market very quickly. Thank you! [Jessica] Thank you Helen.

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