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I'm a dorky person that loves to make art! My favorite foods are noodles and rice. I'm a proud dog mom of two. Physically I'm 26 years old—mentally I feel older. 


Ever since I was a little kid I've had a passion for art and fashion. Being able to express emotions and tell stories through creating art is what I truly love to do. 


I strive to bring awareness on mental health through serious and humorous ways. Together, we can all help break the stigma on mental health. 

As a person with multiple mental health "disorders", I'm here to let everyone know those who live with an illness (mental or physical) are still human. We are still like everyone else, we just have an extra hurdle or few that we have to get through in the day. That it is okay to not be okay. Being human means being full of emotion, and letting that emotion be expressed.

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When I first started to follow my dream to become a professional artist I was often told "You need a REAL job. What's your backup plan?" Or the classic "Art is a hobby, not a career. You won't be able to support yourself." 

To them I said, "Dreams are possible. I can make this come true, and I will make it work." 

In 2016 I graduated with an Associate of Applied Science, Graphic Design. I am the first in my family to attend and graduate from college.

I've been working in the art industry professionally for 8 years now. Since then, I haven't looked back once. 


Want to check out more of my work?


Click on the button to view a handful of different projects, past and current.



*There are more, but I legally cannot showcase those logos due to confidential agreement.

Eddie Bauer
Salty Crew
ELM Learning
Bass Outdoor
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