Ever since I was a little kid I've loved to draw. Comic strips, characters, and stories at first were my favorite. Now I love to draw a wide variety of things. Landscapes, people, animals, fashion outfits, whatever sounds fun to draw really. I've even gotten to illustrate for a company that has worked for a lot of Fortune 500 companies. 

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While working at eLearning consultation agency ELM, I got to work on projects that were mostly for Fortune 500 companies. I created illustrations of stores, product mockups, flat characters, and characters to be animated.

*Due to confidential agreement I cannot showcase or mention what Fortune 500 companies they were.


Collection of a few digital illustrations I've done to maintain my illustration skills, and practice new styles or techniques. 



Illustrations of garments I've designed. Either to make, upcycle, or simply inspiration/fun sketches. 



These are a few digital illustrations I've done over the part year. I often draw a character I created, called Expk. With an adventurous soul and countless questions for the universe, they have left Earth to embark on a mission of self-discovery. Along the way they meet other beings, creatures, experience new terrains, and explore new planets. My goal is to one day create a storybook based on their adventures.